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The Poppy Tiara

Made by Arje Grieg in 1976 was commissioned by Queen Margrethe and belongs to her.

This tiara is made of 21 carat gold hammered thin plates. Each flower is filled with baroque pearls and four stamens each ending in diamonds. Moonstones and aquamarines are attached to the leaves, which portray dewdrops. Some of the flowers have insects that are made of oriental pearls, crystals, opals, moonstones and diamonds. 

I believe this is a parure that is made up of a necklace and earrings. The main headpiece can be taken apart so that only a few flowers can be worn.

I’m not too sure when the last time the Queen wore this but I’m thinking it was to her eldest son’s engagement dinner with only a few flowers.

Above: Queen Margrethe wearing the piece complete with earrings and necklace.

Above: The Queen wearing the headpiece.

Above: The Queen wearing a couple of flowers in her hair from the main headpiece at her son’s engagement dinner.

Above: According to the picture, it looks like the drops on the necklace and earrings are changeable

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